This Arcade Cabinet that has been CNC machined to the highest quality. You can use this machine with PC's, MAME, Consoles or Jamma boards to play Modern or Retro games

The cabinet is made out of black MFC (Melamine faced chipboard). It has a gloss finish and because it is already black there is no need for additional painting.

Upright Arcade Cabinet

£549.99 Regular Price
£449.99Sale Price
    Black Upright Cabinet
    Chrome Edging
    Control panel (2 Player) 2 Joysticks, 6 buttons per player
    Built in Castors (wheels)
    Built in handles
    Marquee Perspex/Plexi (2 x 3mm sheets)
    Monitor Perspex/Plexi (2 x 3mm sheets)

    Please Note: There are NO internals in this machine except what is listed above.

    This cabinet was designed for a 19" 4:3 LCD monitor. The Maximum size monitor is 22" Widescreen.

    Lead time is around 2-3 Weeks. Please note this could increase due to unforseen circumstances.