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What measures are Arcade Base taking to protect customers from COVID-19?

According to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), the chances of contracting COVID-19 from an inanimate object are very low. However, Arcade Base is constantly monitoring the situation (and any official advice issued in connection with the same) and we are taking sensible measures to protect customers and staff. We suggest you review the WHO website for latest advice in this regard.


Specifically, in respect of the threat of COVID-19, additional measures implemented by Arcade Base currently include the following:

· All Arcade Base employees have received additional education and training on hand hygiene and we have deployed additional hand sanitisers throughout all workplaces.


· We are adhering to UK Government guidelines and supporting employees who need to self-isolate for 7-14 days, should they have any concerns or show flu-like symptoms, have a high temperature or a persistent cough


· In addition, we are taking extra precautions on reducing any touch and transmission points throughout all our premises and workplaces.


COVID-19 Delivery Measures

In response to COVID-19, all our carriers are taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of their drivers and our customers.


Please be assured that all our carriers are following the advice and guidelines from the government and that the safety of everyone is our priority.


There is currently no impact to our delivery services at this stage, however we encourage all customers to use your home address for delivery.



You can see all carrier guidelines and measures upon visiting the nominated carrier website, emails will be provided upon dispatch to confirm delivery information.


We hope that you understand and appreciate the measures that have been implemented are to protect you and ensure we can continue operate as normal

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