Classic Styled Retro Arcade Machine with 60 Games - Including Pacman, Space Invaders, Galaga and more of the best 80's games rolled into one awesome machine!

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Retro 60 - Freeplay

    1 x Black upright machine (Fully assembled)
    Chrome Edging
    2 Player controls
    1 x 19" LCD Monitor
    60 Great games!
    Printed artwork


    Classification: Retro Arcade Machine
    Warranty: 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

    Height: 1600mm
    Width: 580mm
    Depth: 540mm
    Weight: 45 kg

    Material: Black MFC
    No. Players: 2
    Cabinet Type: Upright
    Coin Operated: No
    Illuminated: No

    MS Pacman - Galaga
    Frogger - Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong Junior - Donkey Kong 3
    Galaxian - Dig Dug
    Crush Roller - Mr. Do
    Space Invaders - Pacman
    Galaga 3 - Gyruss
    Tank Battalion - 1942
    Ladybug - Burger Time
    Mappy - Centipede
    Millipede - JR Pacman
    Pengo - Phoenix
    Time Pilot - Super Cobra
    Hustler - Space Panic
    Super Breakout - New Rally X
    Arkanoid - Qix
    Juno Frist - Xevious
    Mr. Do's Castle - Moon Cresta
    Pinball Action - Scramble
    Super Pacman - Bomb Jack
    Shao-Lin's Road - King & Balloon
    1943 - Van-Van Car
    Pacman Plus - Dig Dung 2
    Amidar - Zaxxon
    Pooyan - Pleiads
    Gun Smoke - The End
    1943 Kai - Congo Bongo
    Jumping Jack - Ms Pacman (Fast Mode)
    Pacman (Fast Mode) - Galaga (Fast Fire Mode)
    Jr Pacman (Fast Mode)- Pacman Plus (Fast Mode)